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Creating a New Document

When creating a new document in Microsoft Word 2003 you have the option of creating a new blank document or to use a template.

Create a New Blank Document

When you create a new blank document, Word bases the document on a template called Normal which provides you with your default page, paragraph and font formatting settings.

  • Click the New button on the Standard toolbar New button
  • Or

  • Press Ctrl + N

Every time a new blank document is created it is named document1, document2, document3 and so on until saved under a more appropriate name.

Create a New Document Using a Template

You can think of a template as a pattern for creating new documents. They can become very powerful within Word providing you with the necessary styles, formatting, macros and toolbars to create your document.

  1. Click File > New
  2. New Document Task Pane with link to templates

  3. The New Document Task Pane is displayed. Click On my computer
  4. The Templates dialogue box appears providing a variety of templates for your use. Select a different tab along the top to see more templates
  5. Templates dialogue box

  6. Click Ok

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