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Changing Views

Microsoft Word 2003 provides 5 different views for working with your document. The 5 views are:

  • Print Layout: Shows the document as a piece of paper including the margins. It is displayed as it would appear when printed. Print Layout is the easiest and most popular view
  • Reading Layout: Shows the document full screen removing unnecessary toolbars and scales the document to fit comfortably on screen
  • Web Layout: View the document as it would appear as a web page
  • Outline: Shows the document as an outline. Very useful view when working with large documents making moving large sections of text simple
  • Normal: Displays the document as a large strip of paper with dotted lines indicating the end of a page. Normal view does not show the Headers and Footers or margins of the paper

To change the view of a document:

  • Click the required view button on the Status Bar
  • View buttons on the Status Bar


  • Click the required view button from the View menu
  • Changing view using the Menu bar

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