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Use Print Preview

Print Preview is used to see what a document would look like when printed. You can view multiple pages and change the zoom level.

  1. Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar Print Preview button
  2. Or

    Click File > Print Preview

  3. Print Preview is displayed and the Print Preview toolbar appears above the document

Print Preview toolbar

Button Action
Print Prints the document using Word's default print settings
Switch between magnification and editing

Switches between magnifying the preview and editing the document.

When you first open Print Preview, the mouse cursor appears as a magnifying glass allowing you to click the page to zoom in and out.

Switching to editing will change the magnifying glass to a cursor so you can click on the page to edit it

Single page View a single page
Multiple pages View multiple pages of the document
Zoom settings Change the zoom level of the document
Show/hide Ruler Bar Show or hide the Ruler Bar
Shrink to Fit Squeezes your document onto one less page.
Full Screen Mode View in Full Screen Mode
Close Close Print Preview and return to the previous view used

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