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Using Headers and Footers

Headers and footers allow you to add information to appear at the top (Header) and bottom (Footer) of every page of a document. Popular uses include inserting page numbering, filename and path and the authors name.

Headers and footers can be added to different pages of a document by using sections.

Insert a Header and Footer

  1. Click View > Header and Footer
  2. The Print Layout view is shown and you are taken to the Header area. A Header and Footer toolbar appears on screen allow you to easily insert and format header and footer content.

    Header and Footer toolbar

  3. Enter the text you want to use for your header
  4. Use the normal paragraph alignment buttons to align the text to the left, centre or right of the page

    To enter Footer text, click the Switch Between Header and Footer button on the toolbar Switch between header and footer

  5. Click the Close button on the toolbar to return to the document

The Header and Footer Toolbar

The toolbar is used to insert different header and footer content and control how they operate when using section breaks.

Button Action
Insert AutoText Inserts and AutoText entry such as Author name or document Filename and Path
Page number Inserts the page number
Total number of pages Inserts the total number of pages in the document
Format page number Format the page numbers using the Page Number Format dialogue box
Insert the current date Inserts the current date
Insert the current time Inserts the current time
Page Setup Displays the Page Setup dialogue box. Useful for removing headers and footer from the first page of a document, or using different content on odd and even pages
Show/Hide body text Show or hide the documents body text.
Link to Previous

Turn on or off the Link to Previous option.

Turning the option off stops the header or footer from the previous section being used. It allows different headers and footers to be used throughout the document.

Switch between header and footer Switch between the header and footer
Show previous Move to the previous header or footer
Show next Move to the next header or footer

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