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Inserting ClipArt

A variety of pictures, sounds, and video are available in Word 2003 through the Microsoft Clip Organiser.

  1. Click Insert > Picture > Clip Art
  2. The Clip Art task pane appears on the right of the screen

    Insert ClipArt
  3. Enter a word that describes the graphic you are looking for in the Search for: box
  4. Select a category of Clip Art from the Search in: box
  5. In the Results should be: box select the type of media file you want returned such as sound or picture
  6. Click Go
  7. Results for your search are returned and displayed below

  8. Click on the image to insert it into the document. The image is inserted at the position of the insertion point

For a greater choice of Clip Art to choose from, click the Clip art on Office Online link at the bottom of the task pane. More clips can be found and then downloaded from here.

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