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Format WordArt Text

The WordArt toolbar provides many options for formatting and changing WordArt objects.

WordArt toolbar

The table below explains the actions of the buttons on the WordArt toolbar.

Button Action
Insert WordArt Insert a new WordArt object in the document
Edit Text Opens the Edit WordArt Text dialogue box so that you can change the text used
WordArt Styles Opens the WordArt Gallery so you can change the style used
Format WordArt Displays the Format WordArt dialogue box allowing multiple formatting changes to be applied to the WordArt object
WordArt shape Apply a different WordArt shape
Text wrapping Control the way in which a picture is positioned on the page, and text wraps around it
Same Letter Heights Make all the letters of the WordArt object the same height
Vertical Height Convert the text to a vertical alignment instead of horizontal
Alignment Apply left, centre, right or justified alignment to the object
Character Spacing Adjust the spacing of the characters in the WordArt text

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