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Formatting Pictures

Once inserted into a Word document, a picture can be resized, cropped, compressed, lightened and more.

Formatting a picture in Word 2003 is usually performed using the Picture toolbar which appears after you insert a picture.

Picture toolbar

If the Picture toolbar is not displayed, right click on the picture and click Show Picture Toolbar from the shortcut menu

The table below describes the action of each button found on the Picture toolbar

Button Action
Insert picture Opens the Insert Picture dialogue box to insert a picture saved in a folder on the computer or removable media
Image control Changes the selected image to a Grayscale, Black and White, Washout or Automatic effect

Less contrastMore contrast

Add or reduce the contrast between the different colours used in the image

Less brightnessMore brightness

Lighten or darken the colours used in the image
Crop picture Use the cropping tool to remove sections and trim an image
Rotate left Rotates the image to the left at 90 degree angles
Line style Displays a list of line styles to use to apply a border to the image
Compress picture Displays the Compress Picture dialogue box so you may set options to compress the file size of the picture dependent upon the resolution
Text wrapping button Control the way in which a picture is positioned on the page, and text wraps around it
Format picture Displays the Format Picture dialogue box providing more formatting options and settings to perform more precise picture cropping and contrast and brightness levels
Set transparent color Set one colour in the picture to transparent. This does not work for all types of picture
Reset picture Returns the graphic to the original settings

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