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Undo and Redo

Undo an action

The Undo command in Word 2003 is extremely useful. It undoes previous actions allowing you to recover from mistakes as though they never happened.

To undo a single action:

  • Click the Undo button on the Standard Toolbar Undo
  • Or

  • Press Ctrl + Z

To undo multiple actions in Word 2003:

  • Click the Undo button list arrow
  • Undoing recent actions

  • Click the action you wish to undo and the one you clicked and all subsequent actions are undone
  • The Undo command allows you to undo the last 100 actions even after saving the document making it an extremley powerful tool.

    Redo an Action

    The Redo command will redo a previously undone action.

    • Click the Redo button on the Standard Toolbar Redo
    • Or

    • Press Ctrl + Y

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