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Working with Multiple Windows

You can simplify working on multiple Word documents at the same time by arranging the windows on screen so they are all visible.

Arrange Document Windows

The Arrange All command makes viewing multiple windows on screen at the same time as easy as buttering toast

  1. Click Window > Arrange All
  2. The windows are stacked horizontally on top of each other making all of the open documents visible

    Stacked windows after using Arrange All

    Maximise the windows again to return to a full screen view of your documents

Compare Documents Side by Side

One of the best ways of comparing documents is to view them side by side.

  1. Open the two documents that you want to compare
  2. Click Window > Compare Side by Side
  3. If only two documents are open, they are shown side by side.

    Documents viewed side by side

    If several documents are open, the Compare Side by Side dialogue box is shown asking you which document you wish to compare with the active document

    Choice of documents to view side by side

  4. Two controls are activated when viewing documents side by side and can be found on the Compare Side by Side toolbar
  5. Compare Side by Side toolbar

    Synchronous Scrolling - Allows you to scroll down both documents at the same time

    Reset Window Position - Adjusts the size of the windows so that they share the screen equally

Click Window > Close Side by Side again to turn the feature of.

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