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Use Styles

A style is a collection of formatting which is created and then applied throughout a document. Styles utilised in most documents include headings, body text, tables and lists.

There are many advantages to using styles for formatting documents. These include;

  • They are quick and easy to apply
  • Make it easy to change formatting used throughout a large document
  • Create a consistent appearance to a document
  • Provide a document with structure so that headings can be referred to in table of contents, links and cross references

Microsoft Word contains built-in styles ready to be used. These styles can be modified and it is also possible to create your own.

Apply a Style

To apply a style;

  1. Select the text you want to apply the style to
  2. Click the Style list box arrow
  3. Apply a style to text

  4. Select the style you want to apply

Not all styles are available in the Style list box. If the style you want to apply is not available, it can be applied using the Styles and Formatting task pane.

  1. Click Format > Styles and Formatting
  2. Or

    Click the Styles and Formatting button on the toolbar Styles and Formatting button

  3. Click the Show list box and select All Styles
  4. Show all styles in the task pane

  5. Select the text in the document you want to format
  6. Click on the Style you want to use
  7. The style is applied to the selected text and also added to the Styles list box for easy application from now on

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