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Create a Template

All documents created in Word are based on a template. The template determines the structure and layout for the document and can contain the styles, AutoText entries, customised toolbars and macros to be used by the document.

The documents you use when you first start Word are based on the Normal template. This template provides the default formatting settings and content for the document.

You can create your own templates to use different default settings and to distribute specific styles, AutoText entries, macros and toolbars to certain types of document. For example, you may want to make specific heading styles available for when creating training manuals, but not for use in any other type of document.

Create a New Template

The simplest way to create a template is to set a document up with the formatting, page settings and any content that you want to include such as Macros and styles, and then save it as a template.

  1. Click File > Save As
  2. Select Document Template (*.dot) from the Save as type: list box
  3. Save document as a template

  4. The Templates folder appears in the Save in: box. Save the template here to make it available within the templates folder when creating a new document in Word.
  5. If you save it elsewhere you will need to browse for the template when creating a new document.

  6. Type a name for the file
  7. Click Save

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