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Create a Style

You can create your own styles to supplement the list provided with Word. There are four types of style you can create. They are paragraph, character, list and table.

The most popular type of style is the paragraph. This style is used in most documents to format the headings and provide the document with structure.

Create a Paragraph Style

You can create a new style by selection or from scratch.

Create a New Style from Selection

  1. Select the paragraph that contains the formatting you want to use
  2. Click in the Style list box on the Formatting toolbar
  3. Type the name of the new style
  4. Enter a name in the Style list box

  5. Press Enter
  6. The new style is created

Create a New Style from Scratch

Creating a new style from scratch takes a little longer but opens up a greater choice of options.

  1. Click Format > Styles and Formatting
  2. Or

    Click the Styles and Formatting button on the toolbar Styles and Formatting button

  3. The Styles and Formatting Task Pane appears. Click the New Style button
  4. The New Style dialogue box appears. Enter a name for the style in the Name: box
  5. Create a new style

  6. Ensure that Paragraph is selected in the Style type: box
  7. In the Style based on: box, select an existing style with the formatting you want to base your new style on
  8. Your style will assume the attributes of this style, and if the existing style is updated, the changes are applied to the style you are creating

  9. Select a style for the paragraph that follows this style from the Style for following paragraph: box. This is commonly set to Normal
  10. Use the Formatting area of the dialogue box and the options from the Format button to apply the required formatting to the style
  11. Optionally, check the Add to template box to assign the style to the template used by the current document
  12. This option enables you to distribute the style to other documents that are based on that template. If left unchecked, the style is only available in the current document

  13. Optionally, check the box to Automatically update the style when formatting is applied directly to the style in the document. If left unchecked, when formatting is applied to text using a style in the document the style is not affected
  14. Click Ok
  15. The created style will appear in both the Style list and the Styles and Formatting task pane.

    Testimonials style in the task pane and list box

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