Word > Word 2003 Advanced > Using Templates and Styles

Attach a Different Template

You can attach a different template to an existing document. This makes a new set of autoText entries, styles and macros available to the existing document.

  1. Open the document that you want to attach the template to
  2. Click Tools > Templates and Add-Ins
  3. The Templates and Add-Ins dialogue box appears

    Microsoft Word templates and add-ins

  4. Click Attach
  5. Select the tempate you want to attach
  6. Attach a template to a document

  7. Click Open
  8. Check the Automatically update document styles box. Word will overwrite the existing document styles with those from the template
  9. This action will only affect those styles in the document with the same name in the template. Any styles with different names will remain in the document

  10. Click Ok

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