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Work with Track Changes

Use track changes to see what changes have been made to a document when it is reviewed. Track changes automatically marks all changes made to a document. The changes are then accepted or rejected by the author.

Turn On the Track Changes Feature

The track changes feature should be turned on before it is sent for review. This ensures that all changes made from this point are tracked until the feature is turned off again.

  • Click Tools > Track Changes
  • Or

  • Double click on the TRK indicator on the Status Bar
  • Track changes is turned on and the Reviewing toolbar is displayed. All changes to the document from this point will be tracked

    The TRK indicator is shown in dark type as a reminder that track changes is turned on

    Track changes on a Word document

    After review the track changes feature should be turned off. Click Tools > Track Changes or double click the TRK indicator to turn the feature off

View and Hide Markup

The changes made to a document are shown using markup. This markup can be hidden if it becomes a distraction whilst working on a document.

Hiding document markup does not remove it. To remove the markup you need to accept or reject the changes made.

  1. Click on the Display for Review list arrow on the Reviewing toolbar
  2. View and hide document markup

  3. Select the display option you want to use

View and Hide Specific Markup Items

You can view and hide specific markup items in a document such as insertions, deletions and formatting changes.

  1. Click the Show list arrow on the Reviewing toolbar
  2. Show and hide specific markup

  3. Select and deselect the options you want to show and hide

Change How Track Changes are Displayed

By default, the markup used to display track changes are balloons. Balloons make it easy to see what changes have been made.

Word also provide the option of showing changes inline

  1. Click the Show list arrow on the Reviewing toolbar
  2. Select Balloons and select the preferred markup method
  3. Use balloons or inline markup for track changes

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