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Manage Document Versions

The versions feature in Word allows you to create and store multiple versions of the same document. All the versions are saved in one Word document illiminating the need to save multiple copies of the same document in a folder.

This feature saves duplicating unnecessary content, and also ensures that when you open the document you are looking at the most up to date version.

It is possible to open, print and delete previous versions of a document at any time.

Save a Version of a Document

  1. Click File > Versions
  2. Document versions dialogue box

  3. Click the Save Now button
  4. Enter any useful notes about the version being saved in the Comments on version box
  5. Enter comments when saving the document as a version

  6. Click Ok

Open a Previous Version of a Document

A previous version of a document can be opened at any time.

  1. Click File > Versions
  2. Select the version you want to open
  3. Open a previous version of a document

  4. Click Open

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