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Accept and Reject Document Changes

To permanently remove markup from a document, the changes need to be accepted or rejected by the author. Word makes reviewing document changes easy with the use of the Reviewing toolbar and pane.

  1. Select the change that you want to accept or reject
  2. Click the Accept Change or Reject Change button on the Reviewing toolbar
  3. Or

    Click the list arrow next to the Accept Change or Reject Change button and select Accept All Changes or Reject All Changes

    Accept the changes in a document

Review the Document Using the Reviewing Pane

The Reviewing Pane can be used to review the track changes applied to a document. The Reviewing Pane displays the total number of changes made, the total number of changes made by type such as insertions or deletions, and lists all the changes made.

  1. Click the Reviewing Pane button on the toolbar
  2. The Reviewing Pane appears at the bottom of the document. The list of changes are grouped by the part of the document that contains them
  3. Document changes shown in the Reviewing Pane

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