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Record a Macro

A macro is a recorded sequence of actions. Record a macro to automate tasks that you perform frequently. Using macros saves time and effort when working on Word documents.

After recording a macro it can be named and a button that runs that macro placed on the toolbar. This makes the macro quick and easy to run everytime it is needed.

Record a Macro

When recording a macro, Word records all mouse movements to select menus and click buttons, but will not record movements such as selecting text. Use the keyboard if you need to select text whilst recording.

  1. Click Tools > Macro > Record a Macro
  2. Record a macro in Word 2003

  3. Type a name for your macro in the Macro name: box
  4. You cannot use spaces or start with a number when naming macros

  5. Click the Store macro in: list arrow and select either the template or the document to store the macro in
  6. Click in the Description: box and type a description for your macro
  7. Click Ok
  8. Word starts recording and the letters REC on the Status Bar light up to warn you of the recording status. The Stop Recording toolbar is displayed showing the Pause and Stop buttons

    Stop recording toolbar

  9. Perform the actions you want the macro to perform
  10. Click the Stop Recording button on the toolbar
  11. The macro is created. Before you assign a button on the toolbar to run the macro, you should check that it works as planned and edit the macro if required

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