Word > Word 2003 Advanced > Working with Macros and Toolbars

Create a New Toolbar

You can create a new toolbar in Word and add the buttons that you want to it. This new toolbar can include your macros, styles, AutoText entries and any other Word feature that you use frequently.

  1. Click Tools > Customize
  2. Click the Toolbars tab in the Customize dialogue box
  3. Toolbars tab of the Customize dialogue box

  4. Click the New button
  5. Type a name for the toolbar in the New Toolbar window
  6. Create a new toolbar in Word

  7. Click Ok
  8. The new toolbar is created and buttons can now be added to the toolbar

Add Buttons to the Toolbar

  1. Click the Commands tab in the Customize dialogue box
  2. Add commands to the new toolbar

  3. Select the required category for the command you want to add from the Categories: list e.g. Macros, Styles, Insert menu
  4. Select the command from the Commands: list
  5. Drag and drop the command onto the toolbar
  6. Click the Close button when all the required commands have been added
  7. New toolbar with buttons added to run popular commands

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