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Assign a Macro to a Toolbar Button

To make your macro easy to access you can assign it to a toolbar button. The macro can then be run simply by the click of a button.

Create a Macro Toolbar Button

  1. Click Tools > Customize
  2. Click the Commands tab in the Customize dialogue box
  3. Assign a macro to a toolbar button

  4. In the Save in: box, select the template or document that you want to store the customised toolbar
  5. Select Macros from the Categories: list
  6. Select the macro that you want to add from the Commands: list
  7. Drag and drop the macro to the toolbar of your choice. The macro can be positioned anywhere you want on the toolbar
  8. Macro added to a toolbar

  9. Click the Close button

Modify the Toolbar Button

After adding a macro to a toolbar you may want to modify the button such as change its image, or rename it.

  1. Click Tools > Customize
  2. The Customize dialogue box must be open to be able to modify or remove toolbar buttons. It is not important what tab of the window is selected, just that it is open

  3. Right mouse click on the toolbar button you want to modify
  4. Enter a new name for the button in the Name: box. The name appears when you point your mouse cursor to the toolbar button
  5. Modify a toolbar button

  6. Choose to display the button image or name
  7. Change button image: displays a list of other images you can use for the button

    Default Style: displays the button image only

    Text Only (Always): displays the button name only

    Image and Text: displays the button image and text

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