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Work in Outline View

Outline View only shows the text in the document that is formatted using a heading style. This makes it easy to view the structure of a document.

Outline View also enables you to promote, demote and rearrange the headings of a document. This make it easy to change the structure of a document without the need to cut and paste pages of text, or find and format different heading styles.

View a Document in Outline View

  • Click View > Outline
  • Or

  • Click the Outline View button on the Status Bar next to the horizontal scroll bar
  • Outline View button

  • The document is displayed in Outline View and the Outline toolbar is shown
  • Document shown in Outline View

Show and Hide Outline Levels

  • Click the Show Level list arrow on the Outline toolbar to select the levels you want to show
  • Select the level to show in the outline

  • Select Level 1 to see only the top level headings, or select Level 3 to see the top 3 heading levels
  • This allows you to hide the body text of a document so that you can work on the structure of the document a little easier

Promote and Demote Headings

Outline View can be used to promote a heading style to a higher level, and demote a heading style to a lower level.

Promote and demote headings

  • Click the Promote button to promote a heading
  • Or

  • Click the Demote button to demote a heading

Rearrange Headings

Outline View enables you to rearrange large blocks of text easily by moving the headings. When you move a heading in Outline View, Word moves all the content below it aswell until the next heading of that level.

Rearrange headings in a document

  • Hide all the headings below the heading you are going to move prior to moving. If not the subheadings will not move with the heading
  • Select the heading you want to move
  • Click the Move Up or Move Down buttons until it is in the required position

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