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Create Cross References

Create a cross reference to refer to another part of the document, for example, please see Table 1. You can cross reference to captions, bookmarks, headings and numbered list items.

Cross references use field codes so if the document is changed therefore altering numbered list items and caption labels, the cross references can be updated to match.

Create a Cross Reference

  1. Click in the document where you want to insert the cross reference
  2. Click Insert > Reference > Cross-reference
  3. Select the type of reference you want to create from the Reference type: list
  4. Select a reference type

  5. Click the Insert reference to: list arrow and select how you want to reference that part of the document
  6. Select the heading, caption, bookmark etc that you want to reference from the list box
  7. Create a cross reference to an image in a document

  8. Click Insert
  9. Click Close

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