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Create an Index

To create an index you first need to mark the words or phrases in the document that you want to use in the index. When you create the index, Word will find occurrences of the words that you marked and add the page numbers.

If a document is changed in the future, the index can be updated to include new words or change the page numbering of existing words.

Mark Entries for an Index

  1. Select the word(s) you want to index
  2. Click Insert > Reference > Index and Tables
  3. Click on the Index tab
  4. Click the Mark Entry button
  5. The Mark Index Entry dialogue box appears and the name of the selected text is shown in the Main entry: box
  6. Mark entries for the index

  7. Click the Mark button to index only this occurrence of the text, or the Mark All button to index all occurrences of the text in the document
  8. The Main entry: box is case sensitive. The text in this box must match the text in the document exactly

  9. Keep the Mark Index Entry dialogue box open to index more text. Select the text, click the Main entry: box and click Mark or Mark All
  10. Click Close when you have finished marking all the entries for indexing
  11. All marked entries are identified by a field code. Click the Show/Hide button on the toolbar to hide the field codes.

Create an Index

  1. Click in the document where you want the index to appear
  2. Click Insert > Reference > Index and Tables
  3. Click on the Index tab
  4. Create an index in Word

  5. Click the Formats list arrow and select a design
  6. Click Ok
  7. The index is inserted and displays the page number for each occurrence of the words that were marked. Section breaks are added to display the index in two columns

Update an Index

If ou enter more occurrences of words you have marked, or mark new words or phrases for entry, the index will need to be updated to pick up these changes.

  • Right click on the index and select Update Field
  • Or

  • Select the index and press F9

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