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Add Captions to Objects

Add captions to objects you insert into a Word document such as tables, images, diagrams and linked or embedded objects. A caption is a numbered label such as Table 1 or Image A.

If changes are made to a document the captions can be updated so that the label numbering remains accurate.

Captions can be inserted automatically whenever you insert a table or figure into a document, or added manually to maintain greater control over what items have captions.

Add Captions Automatically

  1. Click Insert > Reference > Caption
  2. Caption dialogue box

  3. Click the AutoCaption button
  4. Create an AutoCaption for tables in Word

  5. Check the box next to the items you want to AutoCaption in the Add captions when inserting: list
  6. Select a label from the Use label: list
  7. Select a label position from the Position: list
  8. Click Ok

Add Captions to Selected Objects

  1. Select the object you want to add a caption to
  2. Click Insert > Reference > Caption
  3. Select a label from the Label: list
  4. Select a label position from the Position: list
  5. Add a caption to a table

  6. Click Ok

Create a New Caption Label

Only two caption labels are provided by Word to start with. They are Figure and Table. However you can create your own caption labels.

  1. Click Insert > Reference > Caption
  2. Click the New Label button
  3. Create a new label

  4. Type a name for the new label
  5. Click Ok
  6. The new label is now added to the list of labels for use in the future

  7. Click Ok

Insert a Table of Figures

Insert a table of figures to list the captions used in the document and the page numbers they appear on.

  1. Click in the document where you want the table of figures to appear
  2. Click Insert > Reference > Index and Tables
  3. Click the Table of Figures tab in the Index and Tables dialogue box
  4. Insert a table of figures

  5. Select a format for the table from the Formats: list
  6. Select the label you want to include from the Caption label: list
  7. Click Ok

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