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Create a Form

Word provides a variety of form fields such as text boxes, drop down lists and check boxes that can be used to create a form to capture information.

When creating a form in Word, a table is used to provide structure to the form fields and labels. The form fields are then inserted. And the final step is to protect the form.

Protecting the form ensures that the recipient of the form can only fill in the form. They have no control over any other element of the document such as editing the text or pictures.

View the Forms Toolbar

When creating a form it is useful to view the Forms toolbar. This toolbar contains all the commands needed to create a form.

Click View > Toolbars > Forms

The Forms toolbar appears

The forms toolbar with buttons labeled

Add Form Fields

Form fields are the controls that the user will have access to to complete the form.

  1. Click in the table where you want the form field to appear
  2. Click the required form field button on the Forms toolbar
  3. Button Action
    Text form field Insert to capture text, numbers and dates. This field can be formatted to match the required data e.g. uppercase letters or currency format
    Check box field Insert a check box for the user to be able to select or clear an option
    Drop down form field Insert a drop down list to restrict entries to those available in the list. Lists are useful to speed up data entry and also to help avoid spelling mistakes and typos

    A Word form using multiple types of form fields and labels

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