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Insert a Screenshot in PowerPoint 2010

The new Insert Screenshot feature to PowerPoint 2010 allows you to take a screenshot of any window on your computer and insert it into your presentation. The Screenshot can also be saved elsewhere for future use.

  1. Click on the Insert tab of the Ribbon
  2. Click on the Screenshot button in the Illustrations group
  3. A list appears showing the open windows on your computer

    Insert a screenshot in PowerPoint 2010

  4. Select the required window from the list to take a screenshot of the full window, or click the Screen Clipping option to take a screenshot of an specific area of the window
  5. The recent window open on your computer is shown in a faded appearance. Select the area of the window you want to use
  6. The Screen Clipping feature can only be used on the window previously open

  7. The Screenshot is inserted onto the current slide of your presentation

Click the Format tab under Picture Tools on the Ribbon to format the screenshot as necessary.

To save the Screenshot for future use, right click on the picture and click Save as Picture.

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