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Edit Videos in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 contains new features to edit videos you embed into your presentation. Video editing tools include trimming a video, applying video styles and adjusting its colour.

Edit videos using the Format and Playback tabs on the Ribbon that appear after embedding a video.

Trim a Video

Possibly the best video editing tool to be released with PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to trim a video. This is an incredible feature.

  1. Click the Playback tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Trim Video button in the Editing group
  3. Adjust the Start Time and End Time of the video by dragging the markers at the end sof the timeline. As you drag the video plays and the timing is displayed
  4. Trim a video in PowerPoint 2010
  5. Click Ok

Apply a Different Video Style

PowerPoint 2010 has many different video styles that can be applied for quick formatting. There are also seperate sections for formatting the video shape, border and effects.

  1. Click the Format tab on the Ribbon
  2. Apply a different style to a video

  3. Select a video style or click the list arrow for Video Shape, Video Border or Video Effects for greater control over your formatting

Adjust the Colour of a Video

PowerPoint 2010 provides options for adjusting a videos colour, adjusting its brightness and contrast and also to reset the video to its default design settings.

  1. Click the Format tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Corrections button in the Adjust group to adjust a videos brightness and contrast
  3. Click the Color button to adjust a videos colour
  4. Adjust the colour of a video

Trigger Animations During Videos by using Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an interesting addition to PowerPoint 2010. They can be used to trigger animations during your videos. This is very useful in making text boxes such as captions appear and fade away at points in the video.

To add a bookmark;

  1. Point and click your mouse at the point in the video where you wish to place your bookmark
  2. Add a bookmark to a video

  3. Click the Playback tab on the Ribbon
  4. Click the Add Bookmark button in the bookmarks group

To trigger an animation using the bookmark;

  1. Select the object that you want to animate
  2. Click the Animations tab on the ribbon
  3. Click on the Add Animation button and apply an effect to the object
  4. Click the Trigger button in the Advanced Animation group
  5. Select On bookmark from the list and select the bookmark you want to use
  6. Trigger animation using a bookmark

Other Video Editing Features

The Playback tab of the Ribbon provides many other editing features for your PowerPoint videos. These include:

PowerPoint 2010 Playback tab

  • Applying a Fade In and Fade Out effect to the start and end of a video
  • Playing the video in full screen view
  • Adjusting the videos volume
  • Changing the starting method of the video between On Click or Automatically