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Create a Video in PowerPoint 2010

You can now create a video of your presentation directly in PowerPoint 2010. PowerPoint 2010 allows you to convert your presentation into a WMV video file. The video file can then be shared with others by burning it onto a DVD, uploading it to the web or via email.

The video you create can include your timings, animations, laser pointer gestures and narration. The video can also be recorded without if preferred.

  1. Click File > Save & Send > Create a Video
  2. Create a video in PowerPoint 2010

  3. Choose the best resolution for your video to be displayed
  4. Select whether you want to use recorded timings and narrations. You can also set your timings now by clicking Record Timings and Narrations
  5. Rehearse your slide show to record accurate timings

  6. Click the Create Video button
  7. Select the location and filename for the video and click Save
  8. Convert your presentation to video

  9. PowerPoint will convert your presentation to video. This can take a while.

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