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Broadcast your Slide Show

PowerPoint 2010 now provides a feature that enables you to broadcast your slide show over the Internet or on an internal SharePoint site. Using the broadcast feature the audience can view the slide show on their own screen.

To use the PowerPoint 2010 broadcast feature you will need a Windows Live ID. PowerPoint will generate a URL for you to broadcast from. The audience members can then view the slide show by clicking the link in an email.

To Broadcast a Slide Show

  1. Click the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Broadcast Slide Show button in the Start Slide Show group
  3. The Broadcast Slide Show dialogue box appears. This window explains that you need a web browser and a Windows Live ID in order to use the service. Click the Start Broadcast button
  4. Broadcast a slide show in PowerPoint 2010

  5. Enter your Windows Live details into the next dialogue box
  6. Enter your Windows Live details

  7. PowerPoint 2010 will connect to the broadcast service. This should only take a few seconds
  8. Connecting to your PowerPoint Broadcast Service

  9. You are then provided with the URL to share with the members of your audience so that they can access your broadcast. Click the Send in Email link
  10. Share the link to the slide show

  11. Click the Start Slide Show button to begin. Everyone should click the link in their email to follow

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