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Copy Animation with the Animation Painter

The PowerPoint 2010 Animation Painter allows you to copy animation from one object to another. The tool follows the success of the Format Painter in PowerPoint, used to copy formatting between objects.

The Animation Painter can be used to copy animation from an object to other objects, another slide, multiple slides or even another presentation. It is a real time saver that improves productivity in using PowerPoint.

Use the Animation Painter in PowerPoint 2010

To use the Animation Painter;

  1. Select the object that contains the animation features you want to copy
  2. Click the Animations tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click the Animation Painter button in the Advanced Animations group
  4. Animation Painter in PowerPoint 2010

  5. Select the object that you want to apply the animation to

To copy animation to more than object, double click on the Animation Painter button. The tool will stay on as you select objects to apply the animation to. Press Esc when you are finished.

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