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Formatting a Picture

Once inserted in PowerPoint, a picture can be resized, cropped, compressed, lightened and more.

Formatting a picture in PowerPoint 2007 is performed using the Format contextual tab for Picture Tools, which appears after you insert a picture.

Formatting a picture

The table below describes the features found on the format tab.

Button Action


Increase or decrease the brightness of the picture


Increase or decrease the contrast of the picture


Recolor the image to give it a stylised effect such as washout or a sepia tone

Compress picture
Compress Pictures

Compress the picture to reduce its size

Change picture
Change Picture

Change the picture preserving all the formatting of the current picture

Reset picture
Reset Picture

Returns the graphic to the original settings discarding any formatting made to the image
Picture Styles A gallery of preset picture styles applying different shapes, borders and effects

Picture shape
Picture Shape

Change the shape of the picture

Picture border
Picture Border

Apply a picture border and specify its colour, width and style

Picture effects
Picture Effects

Apply a visual effetc to the picture such as glow, reflection or shadow


Use the cropping tool to remove unwanted parts of the image

Shape height
Shape Height

Change the height of the picture

Shape width
Shape Width

Change the width of the picture

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