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Adding Slide Transitions

A slide transition is an animation effect that can be applied to a slide. This provides a visual effect when the slide is changed and can be used when creating a slide show to run on its own with timings.

Just as with standard and custom animations, you should be careful not to overdo slide transitions to the point that it distracts the audience.

Apply a slide transition

  1. Select the slide you want to apply the transition to (if you are applying the transition to all slides, as is quite common, you can ignore this step)
  2. Click the Animations tab on the Ribbon
  3. Select a transition effect from the gallery in the Transition to This Slide group
  4. Add a slide transition from the Ribbon

    As you hover over each effect a preview plays demonstrating the effect. Click the More button for the full list of slide transition effects available

    The transition is applied to the selected slide and the transition icon will appear underneath the slide thumbnail

    Slide transition icon underneath slide

  5. Click the Apply To All button to apply the effect to all the slides of the presentation

Modify slide transition effects

A slide transition's speed, sound and the method of advancing the slides in slide show view can all be modified.

Modify slide transitions

  • Transition Speed: Click the list arrow of the Transition Speed box and select the required speed from the list that appears
  • Transition Sound: Click the list arrow of the Transition Sound box and select the sound you want from the list that appears
  • Advance Slide: Select how to control when the next slide appears on screen by checking either the On Mouse Click or Automatically After boxes and entering a time
  • Click the Apply To All button if you want to apply the modifications to all slides

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