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The Slide Show Toolbar

When running a slide show, a subtle toolbar appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. This toolbar allows you to navigate, pause and annotate your slide show.

The Slide Show toolbar is not visible until you point the mouse cursor in the bottom left corner, when it will suddenly spring into action.

Slide show toolbar

The Next Slide and Previous Slide buttons offer an alternative way to the keyboard of navigating slides.

Jump to a specific slide

The toolbar offers a way of jumping to a particular slide of the presentation.

  1. Click the Slide Selection button on the toolbar
  2. Select Go To Slide from the Slide Selection menu
  3. Go to slide in the presentation

  4. Select the slide that you want to move to from the list
  5. The contents of the Slide Title placeholder is used to identify each slide. If you do not enter a slide title, it will be refered to by its slide number

Annotate slides

You can draw on your slides to bring attention to a particular area. The toolbar provides pens and a highlighter for this purpose.

  1. Click on the Annotate Slides button (pen) on the toolbar
  2. Using the pen to annotate slides

  3. Select the pen type or highlighter from the menu
  4. The mouse cursor is changed to a coloured dot ready for drawing

  5. Drag the mouse pointer to annotate your slide
  6. Drawing on a slide

    Press the Esc key to change back to the arrow pointer. You need the arrow pointer to be able to continue with the slide show

    A shortcut to turning the pen on for annotation is to press Ctrl + P

Change ink colour

  1. Click the Annotate Slides button on the toolbar
  2. Point to Ink Color in the menu
  3. Change the pen ink colour

  4. Select the ink colour you want from the palette of colours

Erase the Annotations

  1. Click the Annotate Slides button on the toolbar
  2. Click Erase All Ink on Slide or press E to remove all annotation from the slide


    Click Erase to change the mouse pointer to an eraser

  3. Click and drag across annotations to be deleted

If slide annotations are not removed, at the end of the slide show you are prompted to either save the ink markings or to discard them.

Prompt to discard ink markings in slide show

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