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Printing a Presentation

You can print a presentation in different forms such as the slides of a presentation, handouts to provide the audience with or the presentation notes for the speaker.

Quick Print

The presentation can be printed quickly using the default settings.

  1. Click the Office Button and point to the Print option
  2. Select Quick Print from the list
  3. The presentation is printed using the default PowerPoint print settings

    If quick print is something that will be used often, it may be an idea to add the Quick Print button to the Quick Access Toolbar

    Add quick print buttton to toolbar

Standard Print

Using the Print dialogue box you can select the printer to use, how many copies and the type of print you want.

  1. Click the Office Button and click Print
  2. Or

    Press Ctrl + P

  3. Specify the print options you want to use from the Print dialogue box that appears
  4. Presentation print settings

  • Name: Select the printer you want to use to print to
  • Print Range: Print either all the slides of the presentation, the current slide or specify what slides are to be printed
  • Number of Copies: Specify the number of copies you want to print
  • Print What: Select from printing the slides of the presentation, handouts, notes pages or the presentations outline
  • If you select handouts, specify how many slides you want to print to a page in the Handouts panel. 3 slides is popular as lines are provided next to the slides for audience members to make notes

  • Color/grayscale: Print the presentation in colour, black and white or grayscale
  1. Click ok

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