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Delivering a Presentation

Once everything is set up, the presentation can be run on the computer using an overhead projector. Whilst delivering the presentation there are a variety of keyboard shortcuts and tools available to aid your delivery.

Start a slide show

To start a slide show from the first slide:

  • Click the From Beginning button in the Start Slide Show group on the Slide Show tab of the Ribbon
  • Starting a  slide show


  • Press the F5 key on the keyboard

To start a slide show from the selected slide:

  • Click the From Current Slide button in the Start Slide Show group on the Slide Show tab of the Ribbon
  • Click the Slide Show view button on the Status Bar
  • View slide show button on the status bar


  • Press the Shift + F5 keys on the keyboard

Navigate a slide show

The fastest way to navigate a slide show is using keyboard shortcuts

To advance to the next slide:

  • Click the left mouse button
  • Press the Spacebar
  • Press the right cursor arrow
  • Press the down cursor arrow
  • Press N
  • Press Page Down
  • Press Enter

To return to the previous slide:

  • Press the Backspace key
  • Press the up cursor arrow
  • Press the left cursor arrow
  • Press P
  • Press Page Up

To move to a specific slide:

  • Type the slide number and press Enter

Pause a slide show

Sometimes you may need to pause the presentation, maybe for a question and answer session. You can toggle between the slide show and a black or white screen.

Black screen: Press B

White screen: Press W

End a slide show

To end a slide show, press the Esc key. This will exit the slide show and return you to Normal view.

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