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Using Custom Animation

Applying custom animation effects give the presenter greater control over the text and objects on a slide. Text and objects can appear, disappear and be emphasised on a slide.

Add a custom animation effect

  1. Select the text or object you want to animate
  2. Click the Custom Animation button in the Animations group of the Animations tab on the Ribbon
  3. Custom Animation button

    The Custom Animation task Pane appears

  4. Click the Add Effect button in the Task Pane
  5. Point to the category of animation you want to use
  6. A list of animation effects for that category appear for you to choose from

    Add a custom animation effect

  • Entrance: An effect is used when the text or object appears on the slide (The most commonly used animation category)
  • Emphasis: An effect is used to emphasise the text or object
  • Exit: An effect is used when the text or object leaves the slide
  • Motion Path: An effect is used to make the text or object move in a specified pattern.
  1. Select an animation effect from the list
  2. A preview of the effect is played and the effect is applied to the text or object

Be careful not to overuse animation effects. They are a fantastic tool for calling attention to areas of a slide and enhancing your control over it's objects, but it should not distract the audience from the presentations content.

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