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Creating a Text Box

The placeholders provided by slide layouts provide consistency and structure to your presentation, not to mention a great deal of time.

However, there are times when you will want to add text independently from the placeholders. To do this you will need to add a text box.

  1. Click the Text Box button in the Text group of the Insert tab
  2. Text box button

  3. Move the mouse pointer onto the slide and position it where you would like the text to begin
  4. The mouse pointer changes to the text box cursor, which looks a little like a sword.

  5. At this point either click the mouse button to insert the text box at that location, or press and hold the mouse button and drag to draw the text box onto the slide
  6. Text boxes

  7. Type the text
  8. If you drew the text box onto the slide, the box has text wrapping applied. Text wrapping is not applied when inserting a text box by clicking.

    Text wrapping applied to a text box

A text box can be resized at any time by clicking and dragging its resizing handles to the appropriate width.

To delete a text box, select the text box by clicking on the boxes border and press the Delete key.

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