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Creating a New Slide

Every slide is based on a slide layout. Normally a new presentation starts with a Title slide layout. This is used to introduce the presentation subject and speaker to the audience.

When inserting a new slide, you can choose to insert a new slide with the layout of the previously inserted slide, or you can select a different layout to use on insertion.

  1. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon and click the New Slide button in the Slides group
  2. New slide button

    If you click the top half of the button, PowerPoint will insert a new slide based on the layout of the previous slide you inserted.

    If you click on the lower half of the button, a list of different slide layouts for you to choose from appears.

    Inserting a new slide
  3. The new slide is inserted after the slide displayed

A new slide can also be insert by pressing Ctrl & M.