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Footers and Slide Numbering

Slide footers are used to add information to the bottom of all the slides of a presentation such as the slide number, date, and any additional text such as the presenters name or presentation title.

  1. Click the Header & Footer button in the Text group of the Insert tab
  2. The Header and Footer dialogue box is displayed

    The Header and Footer dialogue box can also be opened by clicking either the Date & Time or Slide Number buttons on the Insert tab

    Insert a footer in PowerPoint

  3. Click the Date and time box to add the date to every slide
  4. You can select the either have the date update automatically so the current date is always shown, or to enter a fixed date such as the date of the presentation's creation

    If you chose to have the date update automatically, you can select whether to use the English or US date format

  5. Click the Slide Number box to add slide numbering to all slides
  6. Click the Footer box and enter any additional text you would like to appear
  7. Optionally click the Don't show on title slide box to prevent the footer information appearing on the title slide
  8. Click the Apply to All button
  9. The footer information is added to every slide of the presentation. The date appears to the left, footer text in the middle and slide numbering to the right of the slide

    Modifications to the format or layout of slide footers can only be done using the slide master

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