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Changing the slide background

The background of a slide is one of the first things an audience will notice. It can set the mood of your presentation, and is also important to be in high contrast to the text on the slides.

Apply a preset background

PowerPoint 2007 comes with preset backgrounds for you to choose from. These look great and will save you the time and effort of formatting your own.

  1. Click the Design tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Background Styles button in the Background group
  3. Selecting a background style
  4. Select the background you want to apply from the background gallery that appears
  5. The selected background is applied to the entire presentation

Set your own background

You can set your own background choosing what colour, effect or picture you would like to use

  1. Click the Background Styles button in the Background group of the Design tab
  2. Click Format Background from the list
  3. The Format Background dialogue box appears showing the Fill pane

    Formatting the background

  4. Select the option you wish to use for your background
  • Solid Fill: Fills the background with one solid colour
  • Gradient Fill: Fills the background with a gradient that gradually changes from one colour to another
  • Picture or Texture Fill: Fills the background with a picture or texture e.g. marble or carpet
  1. Select the option you want to use
  2. More options will appear dependent on what option you chose allowing you to do things like browse for your picture file, or choose your colours
  3. Set picture as background

  4. Make your selections and click the Apply to All button

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