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Check Spelling

Presentations must be spell checked for mistakes. Mistakes are magnified when presented on an overhead and can leave a poor impression.

The spell checker checks all the text in the document except text imported from other applications

Run the spell check

  1. Click the Spelling button in the Proofing group of the Review tab or press F7
  2. Spelling button

  3. If any words in the presentation differ from the those in the spelling dictionary, it is highlighted and presented in the Spelling dialogue box
  4. Checking spelling of presentation

  5. Choose an appropriate action from the buttons provided
  6. Button Action
    Ignore Leaves the word as it is and moves onto the next unrecognised word
    Ignore All Leaves the word and all other occurrences of the word as it is
    Change Change the misspelled word to the word in the Change to: field
    Change All Change the misspelled word and all other occurrences of the word to the word in the Change to: field
    Add Adds the word in the Not in Dictionary: field to the dictionary
    Suggest Shows a suggested replacement word in the Suggestions: box
  7. When PowerPoint has finished checking the spelling of the presentation, a dialogue box appears
  8. Spell check complete

Correct spellings on the go

PowerPoint can automatically check for spelling errors as you type. Unrecognised words are underlined with a wavy red line.

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the unrecognised word and click the right mouse button
  2. The spell checker shortcut menu appears

    Check spelling on the go
  3. Select the correction from the menu

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