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Working with Chart Labels

Chart labels specify different areas of a chart. These include the legend, data labels and axis titles.

Insert a chart label

  1. Select the chart
  2. Click the Layout tab under Chart Tools on the Ribbon
  3. The Labels group displays the different labels that can be added to a chart

    Chart labels

  • Chart Title: Add, remove or position the chart title
  • Axis Titles: Titles to label the different chart axis
  • Legend: Identifies the different series of data used in the chart
  • Data Labels: Displays the values of individual data points
  • Data Table: The table of data used as the charts data source
  1. Click the appropriate label button in the group
  2. A list of options relative to the label clicked on appears

    Inserting data labels

  3. Select an option from the list

Labels can be fine tuned with further formatting to look just the way you want the to.

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