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Create a Chart

Charts can be inserted into your PowerPoint 2007 presentations for a graphical representation of your data.

  1. Select the slide where you want to insert the chart
  2. Click the Chart button in the Illustrations group of the Insert tab
  3. The Insert Chart dialogue box appears

    Insert a chart

  4. Select a chart type, and then sub-type from the list
  • Column chart - used to compare different values side by side. Each value is represented by a column. Multiple data series are identified by different coloured columns.
  • Line chart - used to illustrate trends over time. Each value is plotted as a point and connected by a line through each point.
  • Pie chart - used for showing values as a percentage of a whole. Each value is represented by a different coloured segment of the pie.
  • Bar chart - like column charts but are displayed horizontally. Also used to compare vales side by side.
  • Area chart - like line charts except that the area beneath the line connecting the points is filled by a colour.
  • Scatter chart - used to plot a cluster of values. Multiple items can be plotted by using different coloured points.
  1. Click Ok
  2. The chart is inserted onto the slide and an Excel 2007 worksheet opens so they you may edit the chart data.

    If Excel 2007 is not installed on the computer you are using, a Microsoft Graph datasheet opens instead.

Charts can also be inserted by using the Insert Chart placeholder if you are using a Title and Content slide layout

Chart layout

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