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Insert Video to a Presentation

Video clips can be inserted into a presentation and then played in Slide Show View. The standard file format for video in PowerPoint is .AVI (Audio Video Interleaved).

Other video formats available for use in PowerPoint include .WMA, .MPEG, .MOV and .MID to name a few. DVD's cannot be played in a presentation without the use of other third party software.

Insert a video clip

  1. Select the slide that you want to add the video to
  2. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click the drop list arrow of the Movie button in the Media Clips group
  4. Insert a movie onto a slide

  5. Select Movie from File
  6. Insert movie dialogue box

  7. Click the Look in: drop down box and select the drive and folder the movie file is located
  8. Select the movie file and click Ok
  9. A PowerPoint message box appears asking when you would like the video to start playing

    Prompt for when to start playing the video in the slide show

  10. Click Automatically to have the video start playing as soon as the slide is shown to the audience
  11. Or

    Click When Clicked to maintain control over the playing of the video. The video will only start playing when you click the mouse or the appropriate keyboard key

    The movie is inserted onto the slide.

    Another way of using video in a presentation is to link to the video using an action button or hyperlink and play the movie in third party software such as Windows Media Player

    This provides greater functionality over the video, however will not be as reliable when delivering presentations on other sites.

Play a video full screen

The video clip is inserted as an object. It can then be moved and resized as you would with other objects such as images. The video can also be played full screen for the ultimate effect.

  1. Select the video object you want to resize
  2. Clip and drag its resizing handles to the desired positions

To play the video full screen:

  1. Select the video on the slide
  2. Click the Options tab under Movie Tools if necessary
  3. Play Full Screen check box in Movie Options

  4. Click the Play Full Screen check box

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