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Using the Slide Master

The Slide Master is used to set the layout and appearance of all the slides in a presentation.

Every presentation has a Slide Master. The Slide Master controls the slides background colour, font formatting and any text or pictures that recur on each slide of the presentation.

Any change made to the Slide Master affects all the slides of the presentation; for example, formatting the bulletted list changes the formatting of every bulletted list of the presentation.

View the Slide Master

  1. Click the View tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Slide Master button in the Presentation Views group
  3. The Slide Master appears, aswell as 9 Layout Masters. Use the Layout Master to change only those slides that use a certain layout, such as the Title Slide.

    PowerPoint 2007 Slide Master

Change the Slide Master

  1. Select the Slide Master or appropriate Layout Master
  2. Each Master includes placeholders for text and other content, as well as 3 additional placeholders at the bottom for the date, footer text and slide number.

  3. Make the desired changes including:
  • Formatting the font: Change the font type, size, colour or format the bullet type used for lists
  • Formatting the background: Change the slide background colour or theme
  • Add objects: Add text or graphical objects such as a company logo to the slide
  • Insert or remove placeholders: Select a placeholder and press the Delete key to remove it. Click the Insert Placeholder button in the Master Layout group on the Slide Master tab, and select a placeholder from the list to insert it
  1. Click the Close Master View button on the Slide Master tab when finished to return to Normal View

Hide background graphics

It is quite popular to insert a company logo graphic into a presentation and to adjust its appearance on certain slide layouts such as the Title Slide.

After inserting a graphic onto the Slide Master it cannot be adjusted on the Layout Masters. The graphic needs to be hidden, and then if required re-inserted and formatted as necessary.

To hide a background graphic:

  1. Select the Layout Master containing the graphic you want to hide
  2. Click the Hide Background Graphics checkbox in the Background group of the Slide Master tab
  3. Hide background graphics on master slides

    Click the checkbox again to show the hidden background graphics

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