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Export Text and Slides to Word

PowerPoint 2007 has a built in feature for exporting data to Microsoft Word. You can export the presentation's slides or just the text. If exporting the slides the data can be linked, ensuring the Word document updates automatically when changes are made to the presentation's slides.

Send to Microsoft Word

  1. Click the Office Button > Publish > Create Handouts in Microsoft Office Word
  2. Send to Microsoft Word
  3. Select one of the first four options to export the slides with either notes text or blank lines
  4. Or

    Select Outline Only to export only the slides text

  5. If you have chosen to export the presentations slides, you can select Paste Link to link the slides between the files. Any changes made to the presentation slides are automatically updated. However, new slides added to the presentation are not added to the Word document.
  6. Click Ok
  7. Microsoft Word is started and the data is sent to the document. The document can now be formatted further, saved and printed as necessary.

Export to Word using OLE

PowerPoint data can also be sent to Word using OLE. I like this approach as the presentation can be displayed as a PowerPoint icon. A much more subtle approach and ideal for documents such as project reports.

  1. From Windows Explorer, select the presentation file you wish to export
  2. PowerPoint file in Windows Explorer

  3. Copy the presentation using the Copy button or press Ctrl + C
  4. Open the Word document you want to import the presentation into
  5. Click the Paste button list arrow in the Clipboard group of the Home tab
  6. Select Paste Special
  7. Pasting PowerPoint data into Word

  8. Select Files from the list of file formats
  9. Click Paste

    to embed the PowerPoint file into the document
  10. Or

    Click Paste link to establish a link between the two files

  11. Click the Display as icon checkbox
  12. Linking a PowerPoint presentation to Word

  13. Optionally, click the Change icon button to modify the icon or caption used in the document
  14. Click Ok
  15. PowerPoint icon in Word linked to presentation

  16. The presentation is inserted into the Word document. If you double click on the icon, the presentation is run in a full screen slide show
  17. Press Esc to exit the slide show

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