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Grouping Objects

Several objects can be grouped and treated as a single object. This make formatting objects easier when working with related objects. For example, when moving related objects on a slide, it would prevent having to re-align and distribute them afterwards

Select multiple objects

Objects need to be selected before they can be grouped.

Press the Shift or Ctrl keys whilst clicking each object to select multiple objects

Selecting multiple objects

You can also use the arrow pointer to draw a box around all the objects you wish to select

Group objects

  1. Select the objects that you want to group
  2. Click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar
  3. Group objects

  4. Click Group on the Drawing menu
  5. Grouped objects

    Objects can also be grouped by pressing Ctrl + Shift + G

Ungroup objects

To make changes to an individual object, the objects will need to be ungrouped first.

  1. Select the group of objects you want to ungroup
  2. Click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar
  3. Click Ungroup on the Drawing menu

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