PowerPoint > PowerPoint 2003 Foundation > Using Tables on Slides

Formatting a Table

The Format Table dialogue box is used to format the borders and shading of a table.

  1. Select the table, or area of the table, that you want to format
  2. Click the Table button on the Table and Borders toolbar and select Borders and Fill from the menu
  3. The Format Table dialogue box appears

  • The Borders tab provides options for applying or removing borders and changing border style, colour or width
  • Changing table borders

  • The Fill tab provides options for applying a shading colour to the selected cell(s). Fill effects such as a gradient of colours can also be used
  • Setting cell fill colour

  • The Text Box tab provides options for setting the cells internal margins, rotating the text and setting text alignment within a cell
  • Modifying cell text properties

  1. Make the necessary changes and click Ok

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