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Printing a Presentation

You can print a presentation in different forms such as the slides of a presentation, handouts to provide the audience with or the presentation notes for the speaker.

  1. Click File > Print
  2. Or

    Press Ctrl + P

  3. Specify the print options you want to use from the Print dialogue box that appears
  4. Presentation print settings

  • Name: Select the printer you want to use to print to
  • Print Range: Print either all the slides of the presentation, the current slide or specify what slides are to be printed
  • Number of Copies: Specify the number of copies you want to print
  • Print What: Select from printing the slides of the presentation, handouts, notes pages or the presentations outline
  • If you select handouts, specify how many slides you want to print to a page in the Handouts panel. 3 slides is popular as lines are provided next to the slides for audience members to make notes

  • Color/grayscale: Print the presentation in colour, black and white or grayscale
  1. Click ok

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