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Changing the Slide Layout

Slide layouts contain placeholders for objects that you will use on your slides. These include text, pictures, charts, tables and video clips.

PowerPoint provides a variety of different slide layouts grouped into four categories.

  • Text Layouts: contain text placeholders only.
  • Content Layouts: contain the blank slide layout and layouts with placeholders for media such as pictures, diagrams, charts and video clips.
  • Text and Content Layouts: contain text and media placeholders.
  • Other Layouts: contain miscellaneous slide layouts with both text, media and object only placeholders.

To change the slide layout:

  1. Display the Slide Layout task pane if it is not already displayed. Click Format > Slide Layout
  2. The Slide Layout task pane is displayed.

    Slide layout task pane

  3. Display the slide you wish to format. You can select several slides by holding the Ctrl key whilst selecting them
  4. Click on the slide layout in the task pane that you want
  5. The layout is applied to the selected slides.

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