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Entering Text to a Slide

Text is entered into text placeholders in PowerPoint. It cannot be entered directly onto the slide.

Enter text for the slide title

  1. Click into the text placeholder
  2. A hashed border appears around the placeholder along with the insertion point indicating that you can enter text.

    Entering title text

  3. Type your text
  4. When entering text only press enter when you wish to start a new line. PowerPoint will wrap text and align it centrally for you.

  5. Click outside the placeholder to deselect it

Enter text for a bulleted list

  1. Click into the bullet placeholder
  2. Type your text
  3. A default bullet style is used. This can be formatted to a style of your choice. It is recommended bulleted lists are formatted on the master slides to maintain consistency in the presentation.

  4. Press Enter to start a new bullet point
  5. Enter bullet points

    To indent the bullet to a second level bullet point, click the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar Increase indent button, or press the Tab key.

    Second level bullet

    To return to a first level bullet, click the Decrease Indent button on the Formatting toolbar Decrease indent button, or press Shift and Tab.

To start a new paragraph without a bullet point, press the Shift and Enter keys.

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